Low Power Angle Sensor Use Case: Foldable Tablets

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In this use case, we’ll examine the application of MagAlpha Angle Sensors in foldable tablets.


These angle sensors allow accurate angle detection on the side of the hinge versus the traditional magnet solution on the bezel.

As the electronics industry for smartphones and tablets moves toward bezel-less and foldable display designs, new challenges have arisen that require engineers to address space constraints. Flexible displays in foldable tablets benefit from angle sensors with a combination of low-power, long battery life, small solution size, and rotational accuracy.

MPS’s MagAlpha MA782 angle sensor allows accurate angle detection on the hinge versus the traditional magnet solution on the bezel, which is critical for new tablet designs that are pushing to reduce or eliminate bezels. Using Hall sensor technology, this ultra-low-power angle sensor includes wake-on-change for precise automatic power on/off as the tablet opens and closes. In addition, the MA782 is available in a compact (2mmx2mmx0.6mm) package.

  • Precision Angle Detection Better than 1°
  • Absolute Angle Output 0-360°
  • 8-12 Bit Resolution (±3σ)
  • Ultra-Low Power Consumption (<0.5µA ) Standby)
  • Ability to Wake Up Microcontroller on Angle Change
  • Smallest Footprint in 2mmx2mmx0.6mm) UTQFN