Accelerator Cards

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Ultra-Thin Power Solutions

Monolithic Power Systems offers a very large portfolio of high performance power solutions. MPS meets power requirements head on with our state of the art monolithic process. Our devices provide the best performance in the industry

Increase Power Density

MPS power modules provide the perfect power solution for space-saving designs. Power modules integrate power inductors and reduce the solution footprint by as much as 70%.

PCIE Split Input Form Factor Design

PCIE cards require a unique power solution, as the card power is limited to 75W.  An auxiliary power connector can be added to the card to provide more power.  MPS offers a unique solution that allows for the power supply to adapt to the changing load, and our device can be easily scaled to accommodate different designs.

High Current Demand Solutions

FPGA and other power-demanding processors require a solution that can supply more that 150A while  providing high efficiency in a small foot print.  MPS has several scalable solutions available.  From multi-phase controllers + DrMos to our latest fully integrated power modules, we have power density to support any project.

Ultra-Thin Power Solutions

MPS offers fully integrated low profile power solutions that are optimal for Accelerator cards. This low profile solution of 2.0mm or less, has the inductor integrated which allow for the whole power solution to be placed on the back side of the acceleration card or under the heatsink. These solutions make it easy to save top side board space and allow the workload potential of the accelerator card to be increased.

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Increased Power Density

High density power modules can help you meet size & power design requirements. Our power module portfolio has optimized power solutions for accelerator card power requirements. Every module is designed with maximum power density in mind using MPS proprietary IC & packaging technology, bringing the smallest, power design solution on the market.

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Compact Core Power Solutions

Compact ultra-high current density power modules help to meet the high demands of accelerator card processors. With a focus on solution size, ease of implementation and performance, MPS module make it easy to power any accelerator card core. With solutions of 800A+ and transients of 200A/us+ MPS power modules can provide the power in a compact solution.

High Current Solutions

Split Vin Power Solutions

Our split Vin solution allows for dynamic duel sourcing of power. Accelerator cards are demanding more power and PCIe based accelerator cards will need to draw auxiliary power. MPS’s proprietary solution allows for dual source input without the need for an ORing Circuit. This makes designing PCIe and AUX power simple and easy.

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Partner Reference Designs

MPS works with many top tier processor companies to create custom power solutions for each device. These devices have an optimized power solution to make sure that these devices operate at its maximum performance level. This ready to go solution makes it easy to make sure the power solution will meet the devices requirements. 

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