Reference Design Key Attributes Vin (V) Vout (V) Iout (A) Pout (W) Topology Device Used Ref ID
Multi-Phase MPQ2908A with Thermal Balancing 12VOUT DC/DC Converter for 48V Batteries
24 - 60 12 20 240 Buck Controller in Multiphase Operation MPQ2908A EVQ2908A_48V_L_02A
Multi-channel Dynamic Tail Lamp for Automotive Systems Dynamic Tail Lamp
5 – 36 Multiple 8/40/50/mA Multiple Buck converter+LDO, Multi-channel LED Driver MPQ4323, MPQ2013A, MPQ7221 EVQ7221-TL-00A
Domain Control Module Automotive Power Stage for ADAS Applications
2.5 – 36 Multiple Multiple 30 Buck-Boost Converter + LDO, Load Switch, Buck Converter MPQ5850, MPQ8875, MPQ2022, MPQ5069, MPQ4431  
Automotive eTracker with Linear Charger GSM Power Supply with Li-Ion Battery Charger 4.2-36 4 0.08-2 10 Buck + Battery Charger MPQ4433, MPQ26029 EVQ4433-ETRACKER-L-00A
Xilinx ZU+ Reference Design Scalable Automotive Power Supply 4-36 Multiple 12 20 PoL MPQ8886, MPQ2166 EVXLZU_05-B
High Voltage Boost for APD in LiDAR Applications High Conversion Ratio, No Transformer 3-35 300 0.015 4.5 Boost Controller MPQ3910A EVQ3910A-K-00A-HV
Pre-boost Reference Design Cold-Crank 2 - 36 5 3.5 17.5 Boost + Buck MPQ3426, MPQ4430 EVQ3426-PREBOOST-L-00A
48V Buck Converter for Automotive Systems 48V, Controller 18-60 12 15 180 Buck Controller MPQ2908A EVQ2908_48V_F_00A