BLDC Pre Drivers and Integrated Solutions

Multiple Functions
Different logic input configurations including Hall sensor inputss
Small Solutions
Smallest predrivers and power stages in the industry allow unique form factors
Thermal Performance
Low rds(on) provides low power loss and improved thermal performance

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MPS pre-drivers and integrated solutions are designed to drive brushless DC (BLDC) motors and permanent magnet synchronous motors (PMSMs) used in robotics, industrial, automotive, and consumer applications, such as power tools, fans, pumps, and e-bikes. Using our unique process technology, these ICs minimize the need for external components by integrating more functionality onto the single silicon die, saving board space by keeping everything in a tiny package. The ability to select from multiple input logic options and be used at a wide variety of input voltages makes these pre-drivers flexible and scalable, so they are ready to meet the needs of many different applications. Some parts are qualified for automotive use (AEC-Q100).