Battery Charger Solutions

MPS provides easy-to-use programmable battery management solutions, which utilize our silicon technology to achieve a high level of integration and excellent thermal performance. Our extensive portfolio features battery charger ICs with integrated-MOSFETs supporting different battery pack chemistries and configurations of 1 to 6 series cells and charge currents up to 6A.

High-efficiency switching chargers ICs: excellent thermals while achieving fast charging speed
Compact linear charger ICs: accurate low-current solutions for space-constrained designs with small batteries
Safety focused: JEITA NTC monitoring, charge & watchdog timers, UV/OV protection, and thermal regulation
USB compatible: solutions for micro-USB, USB-C, USB-A output power, and USB power delivery
USB Compatible
Fully-integrated FETs 10-65W

High Integration
Space constrained
low-power wearables
Superior Performance
High integration
for multiple USB ports