MPS Sensors provide revolutionary performance and versatility for all types of motion control or position sensing applications.

MagAlpha Position Sensors provide true instantaneous angle sensing through our patented Spinaxis™ Technology.
Current Sensors provide a highly efficient way to sense and manage currents in a SOIC-8 package.
Both provide unique performance advantages with a robust, simple setup and little environmental impact.
Angle Sensing: Up to 14 Bit of Resolution
Hall Effect Sensors
Isolated Current Sensing

MPS advanced Hall sensor technology enables us to create advanced products for position and current sensing applications.

The MagAlpha family of magnetic angle sensors offers a revolutionary way to measure rotary angles for position or speed control. Resolutions up to 14 bit are supported in a variety of output formats including SPI, SSI, ABZ, PWM and UVW. Very low angle capture latency allows support for high rotation speeds.

MPS Hall effect-based linear current sensors provide a high efficiency way to sense and manage currents in applications such as motor control, switched-mode power supplies, solar inverters, and general power management. Galvanic isolation for up to 2400V and current ranges from 5 to 50A are supported.

MA600: Digital Magnetic Angle Sensor

The MA600 is a precision, high-bandwidth magnetic angle sensor that detects the absolute angular position of a permanent magnet, typically a diametrically magnetized cylinder on a rotating shaft. Integrated with a precision TMR sensor, it achieves high bandwidth and high accuracy (INL), making it an ideal solution for position control and robotics.

MA782: An SoC in a ultra-small 2mm x 2mm x 0.6mm package

Using our proprietary SpinAxis™ Hall Sensor Technology, this encoder provides true absolute position data and can be used on-axis, side axis and side axis orthogonal applications. Some potential applications include products requiring low average power consumption, such as battery-powered devices, IoT, HMI, and space-constrained applications such as extremely small motors or mechatronic systems.

MCS1806: 3kVRMS Isolated Hall-Effect Current Sensor

The new MCS1806 is a galvanically isolated, coreless linear Hall-effect current sensor for AC or DC current sensing with best-in-class isolation and working voltage in a small SOIC-8 package. The MCS1806 features 3kVRMS isolation and 500VRMS working voltage. In addition, the differential hall array design cancels out any stray magnetic fields. The result is a cost-effective alternative to discrete shunts + current sense amplifiers or expensive optoisolators.

Sensor Application Notes

The MagAlpha family of magnetic angle position sensors offers unique performance advantages with a robust simple setup, less environmental impact, and programmability. This comprehensive guide will help you when choosing a suitable MPS Sensor product for your specific application.

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