Position Sensing
Rotary Hall Angle Sensing 8 to 14 bit resolution

Current Sensing
Linear Current Hall Sensors with Isolation and High Accuracy

Hall Sensor Expertise
In depth knowledge to assist with your designs

MPS advanced Hall sensor technology enables us to create advanced products for position and current sensing applications.

The MagAlpha family of magnetic angle sensors offers a revolutionary way to measure rotary angles for position or speed control. Resolutions up to 14 bit are supported in a variety of output formats including SPI, SSI, ABZ, PWM and UVW. Very low angle capture latency allows support for high rotation speeds.

MPS Hall effect-based linear current sensors provide a high efficiency way to sense and manage currents in applications such as motor control, switched-mode power supplies, solar inverters, and general power management. Galvanic isolation for up to 2400V and current ranges from 5 to 50A are supported.