mCar Angle Sensors

MPS mCar.

The mCar is a demonstration and marketing platform for MPS hardware. It integrates MPS power and motion control components in a real, large scale system that allows MPS teams to implement and test hardware and software on a challenging application. mCar was fully developed and fabricated in-house at MPS. Learn more about the mCar or visit our automotive components page.

Angle sensors showcased in this video:

MA704     10-bit, High Bandwith, Good for Dynamic Sensing
MA702     12-bit, Medium Bandwith, General Purpose Sensing
MA710     14-bit, optimized for Side of Shaft modes
MA730     14-bit, Low Bandwith, High Resolution Sensing
MA732     9-14bit, Bandwith configurable for the application
MAQ470   12-bit, AECQ-100 Grade 1 version of MA702