ZYNQ UltraScale+ RFSoC gen1

Internal Sequencing Power Management Reference Design


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Xilinx part numbers

  • XCZU21DR
  • XCZU25DR
  • XCZU27DR
  • XCZU28DR
  • XCZU29DR
  • XQZU21DR
  • XQZU28DR
  • XQZU29DR


  • 12Vin design (no intermediary regulator required)
  • Design can be easily scaled/modified for customer requirements
  • Common use of parts allow step and repeat for ease of design
  • Discrete 2ph design (45A VCCINT) for high efficiency and fast transient response
  • Total system efficiency ~90%
  • Total solution size ~3.0 sqin including input & output Caps
  • PMIC includes built in power up/down sequencing and requires minimum number of external components

MPS Products Used

Part Number Quantity Description
MP2951 1 Request Information
MP86934 2 Request Information
MP8733B 1 Request Information
MP5470 2 4V-16V, Power Management IC with Four 3A/3A/2A/2A Buck Converters and Flexible System Setting via IC and MTP
MPM3632C 5 18V Input, 3A Module, Synchronous, Forced CCM, Step-Down Converter with Integrated Inductor
EVREF0102A 1 The EVREF0102A is the analog power module for the Zynq UltraScale+ RFSoC characterization kit. The EVREF0102 analog power module provides an ultra low-noise power supply for high-speed data converters.