Multi-Mode PFC and Current Mode LLC 2-in-1 Controller: HR1211

Power-Saving Technology Optimizes Efficiency

The HR1211 is a multi-mode PFC and current mode LLC 2-in-1 controller with full digital control via a UART interface. This controller achieves optimized efficiency across the full operating range via three operation modes, implemented based on the different load conditions. Applications include desktop PCs and ATX power supplies, all-in-one and gaming power supplies, notebook adapters, power tool power supplies, and LED drivers. The HR1211 enables good stability and fast response by allowing different load conditions to be independently optimized for efficiency.


  • Steady state, skip mode, and burst mode
  • Up to 100mW no-load power loss
  • High efficiency at light loads
  • Comprehensive protection features, such as brown-in/out, OVP, OCP, OLP, and OTP
  • Built-in HV start-up
  • Programmable switching frequency up to 250kHz

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