Fully Integrated PoE PD Interface: MP8030

DC/DC PoE Solution Reduces Board Space and Design Time

The MP8030 is a fully integrated, 71W PoE PD interface with a high-efficiency flyback/forward controller, and is compatible with 802.3af/at/bt specifications. Power Over Ethernet, or PoE, devices can transmit both network and power signals with a single cable. By using an N-channel MOSFET in place of a diode and integrating a MOSFET at Gate 2, the MP8030 significantly reduces voltage drop, reduces energy loss, and improves efficiency compared to traditional diode solutions. This compact, highly integrated solution supports multiple topologies for adaptability, and reduces board space by 45%, with up to 93.8% efficiency.


  • Supports PSR flyback, SSR flyback, and SSR active-clamp forward topologies
  • Integrates a high-voltage MOSFET for designs requiring less than 51W and an external FET for designs requiring more than 51W
  • Excellent EMI control greatly reduces system noise
  • Automatic maintain power signature functionality
  • Ethernet Alliance certified
  • Available in a QFN-32 (5mmx6mm) package

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