Fast Turn-Off Intelligent Rectifier with Very Low Voltage Forward Regulation

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Product Description

The MP6906 is a low-drop diode emulator IC that combines an external switch to replace Schottky diodes in high-efficiency flyback converters. The chip regulates the forward drop of an external switch to about 30mV and switches it off as soon as the voltage becomes negative. The MP6906 provides a SYNC interface to receive an external signal to shut down the gate driver for reliable continuous conduction mode (CCM) operation. A programmable light-load sleep mode reduces the IC quiescent current to 150µA. Also, it has a low UVLO level for operation at a lower output without an additional winding. Rail-to-rail output provides higher driving voltage to the external MOSFET. The MP6906 is available in compact SOIC-8 and TSOT23-6 packages.

Product Features

  • Works with 12V Standard and 5V Logic Level FETS
  • Fast Turn-Off Total Delay of 25ns
  • 4.2V~35V Wide VDD Operating Range
  • 30mV VDS Regulation Function 
  • 150µA Quiescent Current in Light-Load Mode 
  • Supports DCM and Quasi-Resonant Operation
  • SYNC Interface for CCM Operation
  • Supports High-Side and Low-Side Rectification
  • Power Savings of up to 1.5W in a Typical Notebook Adapter
  • SOIC-8 and TSOT23-6 Packages


  • fsw (max) (kHz)400
  • Iq (mA)2
  • Iop (mA)8
  • Drain Rating180
  • VDD (min) (V)4.2
  • VDD (max) (V)35
  • Pout (max) (W)150
  • PackageSOIC-8, TSOT23-6
  • TypeController
  • GradeCatalog
  • Light-Load FunctionYes
  • Power Range DefinedYes

High Efficiency Synchronous Rectification EV Board

The EV6906-S-00A is an evaluation board for the MP6906GS. It is configured to provide synchronous rectification solution for Flyback/LLC topology.

MP6906GS features a synchronous gate output which enables high efficiency rectification by relating the schottky rectifier with a low Ron MOSFET.

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