MagAlpha Position Sensor Use Case: Power Drill

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In this use case, we’ll consider the application of MagAlpha Angle Sensors for BLDC power tools.

Power Drill

Using MPS’s precision angle solution, all three Hall cells are replaced with a single MA102

Power tools are increasingly using brushless DC motors for efficiency and reliability. Traditionally, these motors have been commutated by placing three discrete Hall cells near the rotor magnet, but this requires precise alignment with the motor stator, and often requires an additional calibration step during manufacturing, causing extra production steps that increases cost.

Using MPS’s precision angle solution, all three Hall cells are replaced with a single MA102, which provides the UVW outputs to commutate the motor with greater angular precision, thereby reducing part count and maximizing efficiency. In addition, the MA102’s alignment is electronically adjusted, eliminating costly additional calibration production steps.

Additional features include:

  • UVW outputs replicate the outputs of discrete Hall cells, so no firmware change required
  • Contactless Sensing for Long Life
  • MA102 provides accuracy of 0.6 magnetic degrees
  • Can be upgraded to MA302 (drop-in compatible) to provide speed and position for torque calculation
  • Small 3x3 mm2 QFN package
  • 12-Bit Repeatability of UVW Outputs
  • Fast Acquisition for Accurate Angle Measurement at Motor Speeds from 0 to 60,000 rpm
  • SPI Serial Interface for 8-Bit Angle Readout and Chip Configuration
  • UVW Signals for Block Commutation with 1 to 8 Pole Pair Emulation Using a 2-Pole Magnet, Complement / UVW Signals Provided for Differential Signaling
  • Programmable Magnetic Field Strength Detection for Diagnostic Checks
  • Linearization for Side-Shaft Mounting
  • 3.3V Supply Voltage
  • -40°C to +125°C Operating Temperature

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