Connecting Customers and Solutions

Let our team of experts work with you on your next design. The MPS NOW team is here to help find a solution for your power needs.

Expert at Your Fingertips

From datasheet conversations to product crosses, we want to make sure you are choosing the right part for your project. Technical or not, let us make sure your project is using the best parts.

Project Discussion and Review

With MPS NOW you have direct access to a power expert. Using a state-of-the-art power lab, the team can provide live product demonstrations, overviews, learning sessions, or just talk about your project requirements. The MPS NOW team can also review your current power design, schematics, waveforms, or help with whatever your next step may be.

Live Project Debug and Evaluation

MPS NOW provides direct project assistance. We can simulate your project remotely and quickly find you a solution. Our team is firnished with all the eqipment needed to replicate your project. From oscilloscopes, to MPS parts, we are ready to assist you.