MPS mCar

The mCar is a demonstration and marketing platform for MPS hardware. It integrates MPS power and motion control components in a real, large scale system that allows MPS teams to implement and test hardware and software on a challenging application. The design and mechanical functionality of the vehicle showcases the broad set of components that MPS manufacturers. mCar was fully developed and fabricated in-house at MPS.

MPS mCar

mCar Overview

Electrical Design and Components

The primary components of the electrical hardware to highlight on the mCar are the eMotionTM components.  The brushless-DC motor control modules (MP6570) that are used for the steering and shock actuation and the magnetic angle sensors (MA702) that are used in the steering wheel, foot pedal, frame pivot, and final steering axis output sensing.  Beyond the eMotionTM components, there are also voltage converters and regulators, power drivers and several other ICs that are utilized in the MCU, battery support and communication subsystems. 

Smart Motor & Angle Position Sensor

Smart Motor and Sensors

Type Units Per Car Part Number Description
Smart Motor/Motor Drive Module 8 MP6570 PMSM, FOC Controller with Integrated High-Accuracy Angular Position Sensor
MP1907A 100V, 2.5A, High Frequency Half-Bridge Gate Driver
MPQ4569 75V, 0.3A, Synchronous, Step-Down Converter
MPQ2013AGQ-5-Z 40V, 150mA, Low Quiescent Current Linear Regualator, Fixed 5V Output
MPQ2013AGQ-33-Z 40V, 150mA, Low Quiescent Current Linear Regualator, Fixed 3.3V Output
Angle Position Sensor 9 MP2013AGJ-33 40V, 150mA, Low Quiescent Current Linear Regualator
MA702 12-Bit Digital Contactless Angle Sensor

Angle Position Sensor & Power ICs

Sensor and IC

Board Type Part Number Description
Wireless Control Board MP9361 DC-DC: High Performance Regulated Charge Pump
MPM3810 DC-DC: 6V Input, 1.2A Module Synchronous Step-Down Converter with Integrated Inductor
MCU board


12V, 3mO Hot-Swap Protection Device With Current Monitoring
MPM3515 36V, 1.5A Module Synchronous, Step-Down Converter with an Integrated Inductor, AEC-Q100 Qualified, in this system, Input: 12V; Output:3.3V
MP20045 Low Noise, 1A Linear Regulator, Input:5V; Output:3.3V
Angle Position Sensor Board MP2013AGJ-33 40V, 150mA, Lowe Quiescent Linear Regulator
MA702 12-Bit Digital, Contactless Angle Sensor

Power ICs

Power IC

Board Type Part Number Description
Battery Interface MP2013AGJ-33 40V, 150mA, Low Quiescent Current Linear Regualator, Fixed 3.3V Output
MP62041 1.7V-5.5V Ultra-Small, Single-Channel 2A Current-Limited Power Distribution Switch
DC-DC Board MP6002 EV6002DN-00A Module, Monolithic Flyback/Forward DC DC Converter

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