13W Power Over Ethernet (PoE) Powered Device (PD) Interface and PWM Controller



The MP8005 is a complete integrated IEEE 802.3af POE compliant Powered Device (PD) power supply solution. It includes the PD control function and an isolated/non isolated synchronous regulator controller. Thermal protection is built in to accommodate both transient and/or overload conditions, shutting the part down and protecting the input source as well as the output load depending on the particular fault conditions. Inrush current limiting is included to slowly charge the input capacitor without interruption due to die heating, a problem encountered without the current limit foldback feature. The desired output voltage is user programmable through the selection of an external resistor divider.


  • Meets IEEE 802.3af Specifications
  • 100V, 1O Integrated switch
  • 440mA max, Temperature Compensated Current Limit
  • Isolated Synchronous Controller
  • 20-Pin TSSOP Package


  • GradeCatalog
  • Max Duty Cycle (%)81
  • PoE Standards Supported802.3af
  • PoE Ilimit (mA)460
  • PoE Inrush Limit (mA)150
  • Pout (W)13
  • Pass Switch Rds(on) (Ω)1
  • PackageTSSOP20 EP
  • Fault ResponseLatch off
  • DC/DC TopologyFlyback
  • DC/DC Controller or ConverterController
  • fsw (kHz)260