DC DC Designer For Windows

MPS DC DC Designer is a simulation tool which is used to help you create and analyze a power solution with MPS DCDC chips.



MPS DC-DC Designer is a simulation tool to help help create and analyze a power solution with MPS DC-DC chips conveniently. With MPS DC-DC Designer you can:

1) Search and select a MPS DC-DC chip. 

2) Design the power converter for the selected IC.

3) Analyze design performance; steady state, load transient, loop analysis, efficiency, and more.

4) Automatically or manually provide a complete power solution with a selected chip. MPS DC-DC Designer can give you a recommended design automatically with selected chip, or allow you to edit the components and parameters manually.

Watch the Video User Guide

MPS also offers an Online Version of DC-DC Designer

Software Requirements:

Windows only (Win XP, Win7, Win8 or Win10)

.NET framework 2.0 or above