Evaluation kit for the MP2696A, a highly-integrated single-cell Li-Ion/Li-Polymer battery charger with pass-through power path management function. 

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The EVKT-MP2696A is an evaluation kit for the MP2696A. This board is designed for MP2696A which is a highly-integrated single-cell Li-Ion/Li-Polymer battery charger with pass-through power path management function. And layout accommodates most commonly used capacitors. The default function of this board is preset for charger mode and the charge full voltage is preset to 4.200V for 1 cell Li-Ion battery.


  • EVMP2696A Evaluation Board (EV2696A-Q-00A)
  • MP2696A IC
  • Communication Interface with Accessories (EVKT-USBI2C-02)
  • USB to I2C Communication Interface
    • Ribbon Cable


I2C-Controlled, Single-Cell Switching Charger with Power-Path Management and 3.6A Boost Output

The MP2696A is a highly integrated, flexible, switch-mode battery-charging, power-path management device designed for a single-cell Li-ion and Li-polymer battery to be used in a wide range of portable applications.

The MP2696A integrates three battery-charging phases: pre-charge, constant-current, and constant-voltage charge. This device also manages the input power source through input current limit regulation and minimum input voltage regulation.

The MP2696A can switch to boost mode to generate the system power output from the battery.

The MP2696A has an integrated IN to SYS pass-through path to pass the input voltage to the system.

Using an I2C interface, the host can flexibly program the charge and boost parameters. The device operating status can also be read in the registers.

Safety features include SYS short-circuit protection, input over-voltage protection, battery under-voltage protection, thermal shutdown, and JEITA battery temperature monitoring.  

The MP2696A is available in a QFN-21 (3mmx3mm) package.

The MP2696A is highly customizable. Users can configure the MP2696A via the downloadable I2C GUI.

This I2C GUI allows you to program the MP2696A. By using this I2C GUI, you can set the output voltage, PG delay enable, output current limit, and more. Please reference the user guides for installation and programing instructions.

System Requirements:

Windows 7 or later

.Net Framework 4 or later

通信インターフェースデバイスUSB to I2C / PMBusは、製品評価キットに含まれていますが、個別に購入することもできます

The EVKT-USBI2C-02は製品評価キットに含まれていますが、別途購入することもできます。 EVKT-USBI2C-02は、USBからI2CまたはUSBからPMBusの通信インターフェースを提供します。 MPS I2CおよびPMBus製品、Virtual Bench Pro、およびI2C GUIツールで動作するように設計されています。 USBドライバーは自動的にインストールされるか、直接ダウンロードされます

EVKT-USBI2C-02 評価キットは以下を含みます:

  • USBからI2Cへの通信デバイスインターフェイス 1
  • USBケーブル1
  • 10ピンリボンケーブル1
  • 3ピンリボンケーブル1
  • データシートとドライバーファイル

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I2C Controlled Single Cell Switching Charger with Power Path Management and 3A Boost Output for sub-battery applications

The EV2696A-Q-00B is an evaluation board for the MP2696A, a high-integrated, flexible switch-mode battery charge management and system power path management device.

The MP2696A has three operation modes: charge mode, boost mode and sleep mode.

In charge mode, EV2696A-Q-00B achieves up to 3.6A charge current with a 5V input source.

In boost mode, EV2696A-Q-00B achieves up to 6.5A peak inductor current to deliver a 5V SYS output.

All the parameters and control can be easily accessed via the I2C interface.

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