Li-Ion Charger Protection IC With Integrated PMOS Evaluation Board

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The EV2676EG-00A is an evaluation board for the MP2676, the high-performance protection chip with an integrated P-MOSFET for single cell Li-Ion/Li-Polymer battery charger.

By integrating high voltage input protection into the IC, the MP2676 can tolerate an input surge up to 30V.

The MP2676 features input over voltage protection (OVP), battery over voltage protection (BOVP), and over charge current protection (OCP). Additionally, MP2676 also monitors its own internal temperature and provides thermal protection (OTP). It integrates a P-MOSFET with the body diode reverse protection. The P-MOSFET is controlled by the PMU in the system to realize the charging process to charge the battery.


  • Input Surge up to 30V
  • No External Blocking Diode Requiring
  • Input Over-Voltage Protection in 1us.
  • Input Over-Current Protection
  • Battery Over-Voltage Protection
  • Temperature Monitoring and Protection
  • High Immunity of False Triggering under Start up or Transients


Li-Ion Charger Protection IC with Integrated P-MOSFET for PMU Charger Protection

The MP2676 is a highly integrated circuit designed to provide complete Li+ battery charger protection against input over voltage, input over current and battery over voltage. The IC continuously monitors the input voltage, the input current and the battery voltage, when any of the monitored parameters exceeds its threshold, the IC immediately turns off the internal N-channel MOSFET to remove the power from the charge system before any damage occurs. Moreover, all protections also have blanking times against false triggering due to voltage spikes or current transients. The IC also features thermal shutdown protection, if the temperature exceeds 140ºC, MP2676 will turn off the internal MOSFET bridging ACIN and CHRIN. MP2676 integrates a P-channel MOSFET with the body diode reverse protection to replace the external P-channel MOSFET and blocking diode for charge function of portable devices with PMIC (Power Management IC). The above features and small package make the MP2676 an ideal part for portable application.