ZYNQ US+ U2EG/U3EG Automotive Solution Reference Design

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MPS Products

Part Number Quantity Description
MPQ5850-AEC1 1 36V, Smart Diode Controller with Reverse Protection, AEC-Q100 Qualified
MPQ4328 1 Request Information
MPQ2167B-AEC1 1 6V, 4A, Configurable Frequency, Synchronous Buck Converter, AEC-Q100 Qualified
MPQ2179-AEC1 1 5.5V, Peak 3A, 2.4MHz, Synchronous Step-Down Converter with PG and SS, AEC-Q100 Qualified
MPQ2177-AEC1 3 5.5V, 1A, 2.4MHz, Synchronous Step-Down Converter with Power Good and Soft Start, AEC-Q100 Qualified
MPQ20056 2 Industrial Grade, Low-Noise, High-PSRR, 250mA, Linear Regulator
MPQ8904-AEC1 1 Automotive Grade 500mA Linear Regulator
MPQ79700FS 1 MPSafeTM 12-Channel ASIL-D Power Sequencer, AEC-Q100 Qualified
MPQ79500FS 1 MPSafeTM 6-Channel ASIL-D Voltage Monitor, AEC-Q100 Qualified