Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC Scalable Solutions

Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC family has a wide range of power requirements and MPS is uniquely positioned to provide designs that can easily be scaled to meet the specific requirements of each design. MPS offers a wide variety of products ranging from PMICs, Modules (with integrated inductors) and Buck regulators to fit the design requirements.

SoC Family RangePower Consolidation OptionsUse CaseMPS TechnologyDesign Requirements

EVB Part Number
UC1 (AON Cost Optimized)
UC2 (AON Efficiency Optimized)
UC3 (AON Performance Optimized)

UC4 (AON Power Mgmt Flexibility)AA

Timetto Market
Cost Optimized
<ZU2CG 5 Rails (using modules) EVRE F0100-B
ZU2CG to ZU19EG 5 Rails (using modules) EVRE F0101-A

EVRE F0101-B
ZU2CG to ZU3EG 5 Rails (using PMIC)
ZU2CG to ZU19EG 7 Rails (using modules) EVRE F0101-A

EVRE F0101-B
ZU2CG to ZU7EG 7 Rails (using PMIC + modules)

ZU2CG to ZU19EG 8 Rails(using modules) EVRE F0101-A

EVRE F0101-B
ZU2CG to ZU19EG 14 Rails Battery Power (using modules)

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