VU45P, VU47P UltraScale+ Extended Portfolio Smallest Size Power Management Reference Design

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AMD Xilinx part numbers:
  • XCVU45P
  • XCVU47P

MPS Products Used

Part Number Quantity Description

1 for 80A;

2 for 150A

100A, Scalable, and Fully Integrated DC/DC Power Module with a PMBus interface
MPM3695-25 3 16V, 20A, Scalable DC/DC Power Module with PMBus
MPM3695-10 2 14V, 10A, Scalable, Digital, Synchronous, Step-Down Module with I2C/PMBus Interface and Parallelable for High Output Current 
MPM3632C 1 18V Input, 3A Module, Synchronous, Forced CCM, Step-Down Converter with Integrated Inductor
MPM3650 1 1.2MHz Synchronous 2.75 - 17V, 5A Ultra-Thin Power Module
MPM3606A 1 21V Input, 0.6A Module Synchronous Step-down Converter with Integrated Inductor and PG pin
MP20075 1 3A, DDR Termination Regulator