Ventilator Power Supply for MPS Open-Source Ventilator

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The MPS engineering team is working on an emergency ventilator inspired by the open-source MIT design to aid in the fight against COVID-19. The ventilator power supply uses a notebook power brick that converts facility AC power to DC power to provide charge to both the battery backup charger and the motor. Using an easily accessible AC/DC power supply allows the design to be built quickly with a minimal number of simple, off-the-shelf components. As an alternative to the notebook power brick, an MPS ventilator AC/DC power supply module could be used to directly convert facility AC power to DC power. The ventilator AC/DC power cord connects directly to the ventilator DC/DC battery charger/ventilator power path management board.

Products used in our design:

Ventilator Power SupplyFigure 1: MPS Open-Source Ventilator, Power Supply lower left