Ventilator Battery Backup, Battery Management System

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The MPS engineering team is working on an emergency ventilator inspired by the open-source MIT design to aid in the fight against COVID-19. A notebook computer’s power brick provides power to the ventilator and its DC/DC battery charger. This design is different from other ventilator chargers, as the power brick directly provides power to the ventilator system and simultaneously charges the ventilator’s backup battery. The high-efficiency battery charger in use provides a fully-integrated power solution which saves on bill of material’s size and cost while making the system very easy to design. Furthermore, the battery charger includes advanced safety features critical to medical designs such as an automatic charge profile regulation, battery temperature monitoring, input & battery over-voltage protection, and safety timers. If connection to the AC/DC supply is lost, the ventilator power path seamlessly switches to the battery as backup to increase reliability and provide 1-hour emergency runtime.

Products used in our design:

Ventilator Power SupplyFigure 1: MPS Open-Source Ventilator, Power Supply lower left