Automotive Lighting Design and EMI Best Practices

Automotive Lighting Webinar

Modern cars use headlamps and signaling lights to convey a brand signature or DNA, and as such the automotive LED lighting market is experiencing an era of rapid growth and incredible innovation – while also facing steep cost pressures and shortening design cycles.

Today’s lighting designers are developing high power, exotic form factor and dynamic designs, but must still meet stringent EMC emissions criteria to avoid exceeding OEM limits and interfering with sensitive antennae or ADAS sensors. Power supplies and LED drivers often play a big role in the success of an optimized lighting design.

In this webinar, MPS Senior Application Engineers Francesc Estragues and Ralf Ohmberger address some common challenges when designing a modern automotive lighting power supply, and offer a variety of great tips and techniques to help engineers create designs that achieve those tough limits while balancing system cost and meeting deadlines

This automotive lighting webinar will specifically cover:

1.  How to approach schematic design to tackle issues like frequency harmonics, common mode noise or longer LED wire harnesses
2.  How component selection plays a key role in emissions, and what component sizes or form factors to look for or avoid
3.  How to approach board layout to solve or avoid common EMC issues

A Q&A session following the main webinar presentation will allow audience members a chance to engage our automotive experts and dive deeper into any concepts covered during the presentation.

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