Unboxing Eval Kit for Analog LLC Controller AC DC HR120


Unboxing The HR1200

Setup and testing the eval kit for the MPS HR1200. The HR1200 integrates a digital PFC controller and a half-bridge resonant controller into a single chip. It uses very low power at no-load or ultra-light load, making it compliant with Energy Using Product Directive (EuP) Lot 6 and Code of Conduct Version 5 Tier 2 specifications. The PFC of the HR1200 employs a patented average current control scheme, which can operate in CCM and DCM multi-mode according to the instantaneous condition of the input voltage and output load. The IC exhibits excellent efficiency and high PF at light load. When operating in CCM, the controller can be used in applications up to 500W with minimal board size limitations. The performance of the PFC can be optimized by programming multiple parameters through an I2C GUI.

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