Ultra-Small Hall-Effect Current Sensor: MCS1823

High-Current Monitoring in a Tiny Package for Improved Motor Control

MPS’s linear, Hall-effect current sensor with over-current detection is designed for space-constrained designs, including motor control and automotive load detection and management applications. The MCS1823 series is ideal for non-isolated applications that require the combination of high-current monitoring and small form factor. Differential sensing ensures that the device is immune to external stray fields. In addition to integrated Hall sensors, the MCS1823 features a configurable over-current detection (OCD) level based on the current limit.


  • 0.6mΩ internal conductor resistance
  • ±2.5% total accuracy over-temperature
  • Integrated fast over-current protection
  • Configurable OCD FAULT function
  • Available in an ultra-small QFN (3mmx3mm) package

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