MPX2002: All-in-One Flyback Controller with Integrated Primary-Side and Secondary-Side Control

A Highly Compact, Isolated Solution for Primary and Secondary Control

The MPX2002 flyback controller incorporates a flyback driver circuit, a synchronous rectifier, safety-compliance isolated feedback, and a high-voltage reference in a single chip. It enables highly efficient power conversion and more reliable, efficient isolation in critical applications such as AC/DC adapters, offline battery chargers, and high-current power supplies.


  • Reduces board space and BOM by up to 50%
  • Primary-side and secondary-side regulation in a single package
  • Significantly shorter time-to-market- Integrated capacitive isolation eliminates the need for optocouplers
  • Supports quasi-resonant control in addition to traditional DCM and CCM
  • Lower standby power

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