MPF42790 Battery Management Fuel Gauge Solution

Accurate, Reliable, and Flexible Fuel Gauge Solutions for All Your Battery-Powered Devices

Providing battery pack or cell state-of-charge (SoC) information is key for good performance and customer satisfaction. However, the fact it cannot be directly measured presents challenges for engineers. The MPF42790 fuel gauge IC combines accurate readings and application-specific settings, including auto-learning capabilities, to provide accurate estimations of a battery’s most important parameters. Benefits include:

  • Reduced development time and resources
  • Works with battery packs from 2 to 16 cells in series
  • Supports readings from up to 4 temperature sensors
  • Easy-to-use GUI to monitor the battery’s operation in real time
  • Estimate individual cell internal variables, such as state-of-charge and state-of-health
  • MPS’s extensive database of cell models eliminates the need for modeling expertise
  • Advanced features such as weakest cell detection