MA700 Series: Low-Latency, Contactless Magnetic Angle Sensors | MPS

Family of Contactless, Low-Latency, Hall-Based Magnetic Angle Sensors

The MA700 series consists of six Hall-based sensors ranging from 10-bit to 14-bit resolution. These ICEncoders are ideal motion control solutions for embedded motion control and motor feedback loop management in a variety of motor applications. They offer top-of-the-line system design flexibility thanks to a small 3mmx3mm QFN package and multiple interface options. Features include:

  • Can be placed on-axis or off-axis
  • Calibrated at the factory, eliminating the need for in-system calibration
  • Multiple interface options to meet all motor requirements, including SPI, ABZ, SSI, and PWM
  • Programmable magnetic field detection for diagnostics
  • The MA732 and MA734 feature configurable resolution and bandwidth