MA102/MA302: 12-Bit, Compact Angle Sensors for BLDC Motor Commutation

Magnetic Angle Sensors for BLDC Motors Replace a Traditional 3 Hall Switch

The MagAlpha MA102 and MA302 series replaces discrete Hall switches in any block commutated brushless DC (BLDC) motor, including power tools, fans, white goods, automotive applications, and more. These sensors are available in a small QFN (3mmx3mm) package, providing flexibility for highly compact designs. Changing to a single MA102 or MA302 reduces board space by up to 70% with no need for a separate target magnet


  • Single IC and UVW signal outputs replace three discrete Hall switches
  • Absolute 12-bit angle output for torque, position, and speed control
  • Programmable zero-setting for easy phase alignment
  • Capable of direct rotor sensing (no target magnet)
  • No firmware changes required

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