Isolated, High-Voltage ±5A to ±50A Current Sensors

MCS18xx Sensors: Smaller Size, More Cost-Effective than Shunt and Inductor Solutions

The MCS18xx current sensor series offers high-current monitoring and high isolation voltage between the high-current primary side and the low-voltage side that communicates to the system. The load current is sensed through the Hall sensors, and is indicated as a linear analog voltage proportional to the load current. These sensors are ideal for phase inverters and phase current-sensing applications, across a range of consumer, industrial, and automotive applications.


  • Wide 5A to 50A sensing range
  • Extremely low 0.9mΩ primary conductor resistance for thermal and power efficiency
  • 2200V isolation
  • Available in an industry-standard, SOIC-8 package
  • Offering the smallest isolated solution footprint

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