High-Voltage PFC: Understanding Bridgeless Power Factor Correction (PFC) featuring the MPF32010 Controller

Totem-Pole Topology Requires Fewer Components, Reduces Cost, and Increases Efficiency and Power Density

New applications requiring better efficiency and higher power density are increasing demand for components with bidirectional operation, able to transmit power to and from the grid without affecting efficiency. Totem-pole topology offers several advantages over traditional bridged power factor correction (PFC) because it requires fewer semiconductor components. As such, it has become an increasingly popular solution for applications such as energy storage, electric vehicle charging, and uninterruptible power supplies. MPS’s totem-pole innovations save board space and BOM cost while still offering a high power factor and cutting-edge efficiency.


  • Totem-pole topology can achieve a power factor of 0.99
  • High efficiency, high power factor, and low cost
  • Simplify totem-pole design with an integrated totem-pole controller such as the MPF32010, which integrates the entire control loop
  • Fine-tune the totem pole’s operation through a user-friendly GUI

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