High-Power PFC: Totem-Pole PFC vs. Interleaved Boost PFC

Comparing PFC Topologies for High-Power PFC Converters

Modern power supply designs require advanced power factor correction (PFC) circuitry to meet strict power factor (PF) standards while maintaining high efficiency and low cost. Interleaved boost PFC is the most commonly used PFC topology, but the advent of wide-bandgap semiconductors has enabled the implementation of bridgeless topologies like totem-pole PFC. This video explores the composition and advantages of interleaved boost PFC and totem-pole PFC topologies for high-power PFC converter applications. Boost PFC has more switches and larger conduction losses, but can offer advantages in size and cost. Totem-pole PFC offers greater efficiency and performance for high-power applications. Watch to learn which topology is best for your design.

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