Gate Driving for High-Voltage Converters: Gate Driver Protections – Common Mode Transient Immunity (CMTI)

MPS Provides Robust CMTI, a Key Spec for Gate Drivers

Common-mode transient isolation (CMTI) protects the circuit by preventing high-frequency voltage components from coupling past the isolation barrier. Insufficient CMTI means high-power noise could be coupled across the isolated gate driver, generating a current loop and charge at the switch gate, leading to a failed CMTI test. Not meeting CMTI requirements can also cause serious circuit malfunction. To guarantee safety and reliable performance, high CMTI is critical for gate driver applications. That’s why MPS’s MP188xx gate driver family offers CMTI above 100kV/µs, to meet your design requirements.


  • The MP188xx gate driver family offers CMTI above 100kV/µs, ensuring safe operation when working at high voltages and fast switching
  • Reinforced input/output channels up to 5kVRMS
  • Overlap protection
  • Configurable dead-time control
  • Three compact package sizes

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