Fully Integrated Hot-Swap Solution: MP5990

Integrated, Simplified Hot-Swap Solution Reduces Board Space

The MP5990 is the industry’s first fully integrated, 16V, 50A hot-swap solution with a PMBus interface. It is optimized for applications where protection against hot-plug functions is critical, including servers, PCIe cards, and 5G telecom and networking. The MP5990 integrates a hot-swap controller and power MOSFET with current and temperature sensing, plus an I2C/PMBus interface and a non-volatile memory (NVM). This flexible solution offers the industry’s best ±1% IMON reporting accuracy and excellent thermal performance.


  • Integrated controller and Intelli-Fuse slave enable it standalone operation
  • Drives up to 60A of continuous current per device
  • PMBus/I2C interface provides configuration options, telemetry, and fault status monitoring and reporting
  • Integrated non-volatile memory enables in-circuit programming updates and black box capabilities
  • Available in a compact LGA (5mmx7mm) package

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