Current Sensors for High-Current Monitoring and High Isolation Applications

The Smallest Isolated Direct-Sensing Solution Footprint on the Market

MPS’s MCS18xx current sensor series offers a tiny, single-IC solution that is ideal for applications requiring the combination of high-current monitoring and high isolation voltage between the high-current primary-side and the low-voltage side. These applications include phase inverters, solar panels, uninterruptable power supplies, appliances and white goods, AC/DC power supply control, and more. This family of current sensors is smaller and more cost-effective than existing current-sense design options, such as shunt or inductor solutions, as they require fewer components and allow for a smaller footprint and easier design.


  • Wide, bidirectional sensing range from 5A to 50A
  • Extremely low 0.9mΩ primary conductor resistance for thermal and power efficiency
  • 2200V isolation
  • Requires no additional components
  • Industry standard SOIC-8 package can be placed on a surface-mount PCB

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