Automotive USB Charging Step-Down Converter: MPQ4228

All-in-One USB Type-C Automotive Charging Port Solutions

The MPQ4228 series of automotive, all-in-one USB Type-C charging solutions are high-efficiency, synchronous buck converters designed for charging port and data port applications. These converters integrate a step-down, switch-mode converter with a single USB current-limit switch, as well as a Type-C 5V @ 3A mode configuration channel for USB ports. The MPQ4228 can achieve up to 97.5% peak efficiency at a 6V input voltage, and up to 93.4% efficiency at a 13.5V input voltage. In addition to excellent efficiency, the MPQ4228-C outperforms existing solutions on the market in testing.


  • Single-channel Type-C 5V @ 3A DFP port
  • Can support DCP, CDP, and QC
  • Line-drop compensation
  • Load-shedding
  • Frequency spread spectrum
  • Apple MFI R33 certified and USB-IF Type-C certified

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