Automotive-Grade, Low-Voltage, Step-Down Converters: MPQ2179 Family

Compact Converters Tailor-Made for Tomorrow’s Automotive Applications

The MPQ2179 series of low-voltage, step-down converters from 1A to 3A is optimized for an automotive platform design approach to 5V applications, including infotainment, ADAS, cameras, and digital cockpits. To withstand tough automotive conditions, the MPQ2179 family features well-managed thermals to keep boards running. With a compact package and high efficiency, these products fit in space-limited designs help ensure that every bit of power is delivered to the system and not wasted as heat.


  • Scalable from 1A to 3A
  • Entire Product Family Is Pin-to-Pin Compatible
  • Great Thermal Performance and Fast Transient Response
  • 2.4MHz Switching Frequency Enables Very Low Noise
  • Integrated BCD Low-Ohmic High-Side and Low-Side MOSFETs
  • Protections Include Power Good, Over-Voltage Protection, and Short-Circuit Protection with Hiccup Mode
  • Compact 1.5mmx2mm QFN Package with Wettable Flanks and Advanced MeshConnectTM Flip-Chip Packaging

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