Automotive-Grade Ideal Diode Controller with Reverse Polarity Protection: MPQ5850

Smart Ideal Diode Controller Offers Robust Protection for Automotive Electronics

The MPQ5850-AEC1 is a 42V off-battery, smart ideal diode controller that can drive an external N-channel MOSFET to replace a Schottky diode for -36V reverse polarity protection. It minimizes power loss and enables a low minimum input voltage, making it ideal for applications such as digital clusters, infotainment, and ADAS. Compared to traditional solutions, the MPQ5850 features a compact solution and a much lower voltage drop, which delivers cooler thermals and more voltage overhead during cold and warm crank conditions.


  • 20mV ultra-low dropout
  • Reverse voltage blocking down to -36V
  • Ability to operate under cold-crank conditions down to 0V
  • Ultra-low 4µA quiescent current consumption in standby mode
  • AC frequency rectification up to 100kHz
  • Extremely fast response
  • Strong gate drive capabilities
  • Available in a tiny 8-pin TSOT23 (2mmx3mm) package

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