3-Channel, 6V to 40V Automotive Motor Pre-Driver: MPQ6533-AEC1

Highly Integrated Automotive-Grade Pre-Driver

The MPQ6533 is an automotive-grade, 3-channel motor pre-driver optimized for applications such as automotive actuators and brushless DC motors. It offers a 6V to 40V input voltage range, internal LDO regulator and charge pump, a current-sense amplifier that measures current in the active low-side MOSFETs, and fault indication output. The MPQ6533 requires fewer external components than existing solutions on the market, and the SPI interface allows for fewer PCB modifications.


  • Internal current-sense amplifier measures the voltage drop across the LS-FETs
  • Integrated low-dropout (LDO) regulator generates gate drive voltages for the LS-FETs
  • Charge pump generates a voltage to drive external N-channel MOSFET for reverse-battery protection
  • Adjustable slew rate and dead time via the SPI interface
  • 100% duty cycle operation
  • Comprehensive protection features
  • Available in a QFN-32 (5mmx5mm) package and AEC-Q100 Grade 1

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