Embedded 2022

    Please join us live June 21–23 in Hall 3A Booth 3A-310 to review our latest technology. Stop by and see demos on high-power isolated solutions, battery management solutions, motor control and sensor solutions, digital power solutions for computing, and more.
    Presentation: Understanding Motor Control Absolute Position Resolution and Bandwidth in Servo Control Loops
    Speaker: Steve Pratt, Director, Sensor Products
    Date: June 21st, 4:30-5:00 pm
    Location: Exhibitor Forum Hall 1
    If we can’t see you in person, you can explore information on many of these exciting solutions below.


DC/DC DUT Troubleshooting This webinar covers the basics of EMC in DC/DC converter design, including DUT troubleshooting Mythbusting EMC in Converters How effective are your EMC techniques? From methodology and input capacitors to ground planes, inductors, and input filter measurements EV amd EVSE Test Solutions This EMC webinar covers electric vehicle and EV supply equipment test solutions, and addresses testing sessions and equipment for Evs EMC Practical Showcases Learn how practical, early EMC testing helps avoid issues later in the process, with a special look at our Livonia, Michigan lab Reintroducing 2-Layer PCBs This webinar examines 4-layer PCBs vs. 2-layer PCBs, and gives real-world recommendations on schematic, placement, layout, and layers Debugging Radiated EMI Dive deeper into DC/DC converter waveforms, an approach for debugging radiated EMI, and circuit modifications for better results Radiated Emissions Coupling This webinar explores radiated emissions, common RE setups, unintentional coupling paths in DUT set-up, and more Spread Spectrum to Reduce EMI This webinar addresses frequency spread spectrum advantages, the effects of switching frequency on EMI, and more MPSafe™ Automotive SafetyMPSafeTM is MPS’s new automotive functional safety development process, certified by independent experts EMC for Power Converters This video explores the results of certified EMC laboratory testing of different methods to optimize EMC in power converters EMC Virtual Lab This video shows how MPS’s virtual EMC lab technology and new simulation methods dramatically shrink engineering time and risk Matrix LED Driver: MPQ7225 This 16-channel, current-sink matrix automotive LED driver offers robust protections, and is optimized for automotive LED lighting Car Infotainment Power Part 1 MPS offers a robust, flexible portfolio of products that provide numerous advantages for modern car infotainment systems (part 1 of 2) Car Infotainment Power Part 2 MPS offers a robust, flexible portfolio of products that provide numerous advantages for modern car infotainment systems (part 2 of 2)


Isolated Power Conversion for High-Power Power Supplies Isolated solutions for LLC DC/DC converters and totem-pole power supplies Powering 5G: PFC + LLC Power Supply Solution Powerful, efficient PSU for 5G telecom applications Hybrid Voltage Regulation A hybrid transformer based on interline power converters offers higher overall efficiency across a wide voltage regulation range Voltage Regulator Thermals Learn how our novel voltage regulator module design offers enhanced thermal performance thanks to 3D architecture and a metal band Ultra-Low Noise Power Modules Optimize your power solution designs with this highly integrated switch-mode power module with a filtering circuit Isolated Gate Drivers Learn how to achieve the best performance in isolated gate drivers, and compare inductive, optical, and capacitive isolation Comparing PFC Topologies This article explores interleaved boost and totem-pole PFC topologies to help designers select the best topology for their application Get Ahead of Power Failures Energy storage solutions such as the MP5515 are designed to protect SSDs against sudden power failure and ensure stable operation PoE-Powered MP8030 This article covers the evolution of the PoE standard and the features offered by the MP8030, such as IEEE 802.3af/at/bt functionality MP188xx Isolated Gate Drivers Explore the advantages of the MP188xx family of isolated gate drivers, designed to optimize performance in high-voltage applications Isolated Power Supply Products Advance your power supply solutions with reliable, efficient products featuring improved performance, smaller size, and lower cost