Scalable Automotive Power Supply for AMD Xilinx ZU+


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This reference design is a power supply for automotive applications using the AMD Xilinx Zynq Ultrascale+ family of SoC (System on Chip) from the ZU2CG to the ZU5EG, using a flexible configuration based on multiple small DC/DC converters as PoL (Point of Load) supplies.

The MPQ8886, with its dual 3A output and multi-IC operation, allows scalability to meet the specific needs of each ZU+ device and achieve the most cost-effective solution. The MPQ8886’s outputs can be paralleled with a single inductor to reduce cost, or used in 180º phase interleave to improve transient response and reduce the input capacitance and filtering needed to pass automotive EMC qualification. The number of individual MPQ8886 IC needed will depend on the ZU+ device power needs on the VCCINT rail.

Furthermore, the MPQ8886’s digital interface allows output adjustment to optimize power consumption, as the output voltage can be modified on the go, and individual phases can be powered down if the power draw is low.


Figure 1: Evaluation Board

  • AEC-Q100 Qualified
  • CISPR-25 Class 5 Compliant
  • Wide 5V to 35V operating input range
  • -40ºC to +125ºC operating temperature range
  • Scalability to meet ZU+ power needs
  • AAM mode to reduce power in light-load condition
  • Configurable frequency range: 150kHz to 2MHz
  • OVP, UVP, OCP, UVLO and Thermal protections
  • Programable Frequency Spread Spectrum for low EMI
  • Multiple Times Programable memory to define default power-on conditions, with CRC protection


  • Automotive Cockpit
  • Automotive Infotainment
  • V2X Communication
  • Motion control

Application Block Diagram

Block Diagram

Related Solutions

MPS Integrated Circuit Description
MPQ8886-0000-AEC1 4V-45V Input, Dual 3A / Single 6A Outputs, Digital Programmable Synchronous Buck Converter, AEC-Q100 Qualified
MPQ4433-AEC1 3.3V-36V Input, 3A Synchronous Buck Converter. AECQ-100 Qualified
MPQ2166A-AEC1 2.7V-6V Input, Dual 2A/2A or 3A/1A Outputs, Synchronous Buck Converter, AEC-Q100 Qualified
MPQ8904-AEC1 2.5V-6.5V Input, 500mA Linear Regulator, AEC-Q100 Qualified
MPQ20051-AEC1 2.5V-5.5V Input, High PSRR 1A Linear Regulator, AEC-Q100 Qualified
MPQ20073-AEC1 1.3V-6V VDDQ, 2A DDR Memory Termination Regulator, AEC-Q100 Qualified

Table 1: MPS Solutuions

System Specifications

Parameter Specification
Input Voltage Range 4VDC to 36VDC
Output Voltage Multiple Outputs
Maximum output current 12A on VCCINT
Switching frequency 600kHz, 1MHz
Board form factor 99mmx70mmx5mm
Power-on sequencing Yes
Power-off sequencing No (Needs external sequencer)

Table 2: System Specifications

Power Rail Electrical Characteristics Source Power-on Sequence
VCCINT / VCCBRAM / VCCINT_IO 0.85V ±3%, ≤12A 2x MPQ8886 1
VCCAUX / VCCAUX_IO / VCCADC 1.8V ±2%, ≤2A MPQ2166A 2
VMGTAVCC 0.9V ±2%, ≤2A MPQ2166A 2
VMGTVCCAUX 1.8V ±2%, ≤0.5A  MPQ8904 3
VMGTAVTT 1.2V ±2%, ≤1A MPQ20051 3
VCCO_PSDDR 1.1V-1.5V ±3%, ≤2A MPQ2166A 3
VCCO_PSIO [3:0] 1.8V-3.3V ±3%, ≤2A MPQ2166A 3
VTT 0.5·VCCO_PSDDR, 2A MPQ20073 4

Table 3: ZU+ Rails Distribution

Test Results


Figure 15: VCCINT Efficiency - VIN = 12V, TA = 25 - VOUT = 0.85V, FSW = 600kHz, L = 600nH, 4 phases

Figure 16: Secondary Rails Efficiency - MPQ4433 and MPQ2166 in series conversion

Time Domain Waveforms

Figure 17: VCCINT Steady state - IOUT = 0A, VOUT = 0.85V - VIN = 12V, TA = 25ºC, AAM Mode

Figure 19: VCCADC Steady state- IOUT = 0A, VOUT = 1.8


Figure 21: VCCAUX Steady state - IOUT = 0A, VOUT = 1.8


Figure 23: VMGTAVCC Steady state - IOUT = 0A, VOUT = 0.9V


Figure 25: VMGTVCCAUX Steady state - IOUT = 0A, VOUT = 1.8


Figure 27: VMGTAVTT Steady state - IOUT = 0A, VOUT = 1.2


Figure 29: VCCO_PSDDR Steady state - IOUT = 0A, VOUT = 1.5V


Figure 31: VCCO_PSIO Steady state - IOUT = 0A, VOUT = 2.5V

Figure 18: VCCINT Steady state - IOUT = 12A, VOUT = 0.85V

Figure 20: VCCADC Steady state - IOUT = 2A, VOUT = 1.8V


Figure 22: VCCAUX Steady state - IOUT = 2A, VOUT = 1.8V


Figure 24: VMGTAVCC Steady state - IOUT = 2A, VOUT = 0.9V


Figure 26: VMGTVCCAUX Steady state - IOUT = 0.5A, VOUT = 1.8V


Figure 28: VMGTAVTT Steady state - IOUT = 1A, VOUT = 1.2V


Figure 30: VCCO_PSDDR Steady state - IOUT = 2A, VOUT = 1.5V


Figure 32: VCCO_PSIO Steady state - IOUT = 2A, VOUT = 2.5V


Figure 33: VCCINT response to a 25% load step - IOUT = 5.5A to 8.5A, VOUT = 0.85V


Figure 34: Power-on sequence - Start from VIN

EMC Measurement

VIN = 12V; FSW_MPQ8886 = 600kHz, 10% Spread spectrum; FSW_MPQ4433 = 1MHz, TA = 25ºC

IVCCINT = 12A, IAUX_3V3 = 2A


Figure 37: CISPR25 Class 5 Conducted Emissions - 150kHz – 108MHz


Figure 38: CISPR25 Class 5 Radiated Emissions - 150kHz – 30MHz