E-bike Charger Reference Design


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The MPSB005 is an evaluation board for Lithium-ion chargers typically used in the e-Mobility applications. It also can be used as general Power Supply Unit with minimum changes. The solution is based on a PFC+LLC combo solution from a single integrated circuit with digital control (PFC). This solution offers an excellent relation performance-cost-space by avoiding the use of low frequency filters. Synchronous Rectification (SR) is included instead of diodes to increase the efficiency, besides, a constant current constant voltage control (CC-CV) that operates to guaranty a proper charge of the battery. Combining HR1203, MP6924, MP26085 and the MPS LLC-Design web tool all system requirements can be accomplished. Also, high power density and excellent performance with low cost BOM are shown.

Lithium-Ion batteries usually bring a Battery Management System (BMS) to maintain the battery in its safe operating area. This charger can interact with this type of system through a 5V output presence signal. MPSB005 also implements a Soft Connection Control (SCC), with minimum components, to avoid high current spikes in the output connection. This spikes typically triggers the BMS over current protection. SCC is achieved by balancing the converter voltage with the battery one before closing the relay. If extra control is needed the user can solder J4 connector and attach an MCU. Then direct interaction with current and voltage sensing signals as well as the relay control are possible.


  • Wide operating input range (from 90V to 265V)
  • 230W rated power and constant voltage output
  • High efficiency up to 93%
  • Meets EuP lot 6 and COC version 5, Tier 2 specifications
  • Meets class C standard of IEC61000-3-2
  • Meets EN55032 class B standard
  • High power factor (PF)
  • Overload protection (auto-restart mode)
  • Over-voltage protection (OVP)
  • Anti-capacititive mode protection
  • Soft connection control (SCC)
  • Form factor 172 x 74 x 50 mm
ebike Block diagram

Figure 1: E-bike block diagram

MPS Integrated Circuit Description
HR1203 High-performance digital PFC + LLC Combo Controller
MP6924 Fast turn-off, CCM/DC; compatible dual LLC synchronous rectifier woth low sleep mode current
MP26085 CC/CV controller

Table 1: System integrated circuits

The electric specifications of the reference design board are listed in the following table:

Parameter Specification
Input voltage range 90 V to 265 V AC
Output voltage range 32 V to 42 V ±1.5% DC
Output current 5.5 A ±1.5%  
Nominal conditions Input: 230Vac Output: 36Vdc 5.5A
Board form factor 172 x 74 x 50 mm 
Expected efficiency >90%
Standby power consumption Meets EuP Lot 4 and COC Version 5 Tier 2 (<500 mW @ 265 V)
Conducted emissions EN55032 Class B Standard
Output voltage ripple ±50 mV at Full load 
Output current ripple ±60 mA at Full load

Table 2: System specifications

Test overview

Efficiency vs. Load

Figure 2: Efficiency vs. Load

Line regulation

Figure 4: Line regulation

Output current

Figure 6: Output current

Efficiency vs. Vin

Figure 3: Efficiency vs. Vin

Load Regulation

Figure 5: Load Regulation

Power Factor

Figure 7: Power Factor

Click to download the full reference design and altium project.