MSM957141-36 eMotion SystemTM Smart Motor Family Position/Speed/Torque

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Product Description

The MSM957141-36 is part of a family of fully integrated eMotion SystemTM smart motor solutions for servo motor applications. This 57mm (NEMA 23), 141W power motor integrates a brushless DC motor and driver module. The user can choose from one of three options: speed control mode, position control mode, or speed/position control mode. Two control interface options are available: an RS485 interface or a PULSE/DIR interface.

Easy-to-use GUI software provides flexibility as it allows users to flexibly optimize the design online through the RS485 control interface. The parameters are saved in the motor’s non-volatile memory. A design guide for the GUI is available for download at

In addition to the fully integrated eMotion SystemTM smart motor solutions, the driver modules can be ordered separately for customization into different motor types. The MMP757141-36 is the driver module part number.

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Product Features

  • 18V to 70V Input Voltage Range
  • Max. 141W Continuous Power Output
  • 0.45N-m Rated Torque (1.35N-m Peak Torque)
  • 0.3° Position Resolution
  • RS485 Interface and PULSE/DIR Interface
  • Position Control and Speed Control
  • Operating Temperature: 0°C - 70°C (Power Derated> 40°C)
  • Storage Temperature: -40°C - 125°C


  • Nominal Input Voltage (V)36
  • Operation ModePosition Control
  • Diameter (mm)57
  • Length (mm)96
  • Vin (min) (V)18
  • Continuous Power (W)141
  • Nominal Speed (RPM)3000
  • Position Resolution (deg)0.3
  • Nominal Torque (Nm)0.6
  • Peak Torque (Nm)1.8
  • Control InterfaceRS485

Field Oriented Controller with High Accuracy Angular Sensor

The MP6570 is a high-performance controller using a field-oriented-control (FOC) method and an accurate, on-chip, angular sensor. The MP6570 can be used in applications with 3-phase PMSM and BLDC motors. The FOC control is used to achieve high performances of motors and provides higher dynamic response, lower torque ripple, and higher efficiency. The MP6570 can be operated in position control, speed-control mode, or torque-control mode. The reference command comes from the digital interface input or external single-input signal either in clock or PWM input. The motor 3-phase current is sampled and digitalized to the current/torque control loop by a 10-bit ADC. With the FOC algorithm, the motor 3-phase winding voltage is modulated through the SVPWM module, which has up to 12-bit resolution at 40kHz switching frequency. The on-chip angular sensor uses MPS? high-speed and accuracy angular sensor for rotor position and speed feedback. It has up to 500kHz data refresh rate and 10-bit position resolution, ideal for BLDC and PMSM motor controls, especially in application (i.e.: high-speed control and high-position accuracy servo). The MP6570 has non-volatile memory, which is flexible for parameters programmed through a standard I2C interface. Additionally, all controls and designs with the MP6570 can be easily done with MPS? GUI software. The MP6570 has robust failure mode protection features including over-current protection (OCP), over-temperature protection (OTP), and input

Configure, program and run eMotion SystemTM MSM series smart motors and MMP series motor controllers.

The eMotion SystemTM Virtual Bench is a Windows program that allows the user to configure, program, and run MPS's eMotion SystemTM MSM series smart motors and MMP series motor controllers. It communicates through a USB interface via the RS-485 port of the motor or controller.

System Requirements:

  • Operating System of Windows XP, 7 or later
  • Net Framework 4.0
  • PC with minimum of one available USB port
  • At least 22.0 MB of free space

eMotion SystemTM RS-485 Asynchronous Serial Communication Device, included with product evaluation kit or can be purchased separately

The RS-485 Asynchronous Serial Communication Device is included with the product evaluation kit, or it can be purchased separately. This communication interface is designed to work with MPS eMotion SystemTM Smart Motors and Motor Modules through USB and the RS-485 interface. Together with the MPS eMotion SystemTM Virtual Bench Software, it proivdes a quick and easy way to evaluate the performance of MPS smart motors and motor modules.


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eMotion SystemTM Smart Motor Control Board for Servo Motor Applications Requiring Speed and Position Control

The MMP757141-36 is part of a family of eMotion SystemTM smart motor control boards for servo motor applications. This design is capable of delivering 141W continuous power and is designed to fit NEMA 23 format 57mm motors.

The board features an:

- Embedded angular sensor,

- FOC control

- Selectable position, speed and torque loop mode

- RS485 and PULSE/DIR input interface.

The user can choose from three options: speed control mode, position control mode, or speed/position control mode.

An easy-to-use GUI software allows users to flexibly optimize the design online through the RS485 control interface. The parameters are saved in the control boards non-volatile memory.

User can also order a complete motor (MSM957141-36). A datasheet for the MSM957141-36 is available for download at

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