Smart Motors & Motor Driver Modules

Smart Motors
Highly Integrated
Position Sensing, Power Stage, and FOC Control
Complete Design Solutions
Fast route to develop Smart servo motors
Virtual Bench
Easy to Use
Control torque, speed, or position without complex firmware

MPS eMotion SystemTM smart motors and motor drive modules enable fast development of brushless smart servo motor solutions that incorporate  position sensing, driver power stage, and control into an easy-to-use solution. Integrated field oriented control algorithms combined with MPS’s patented MagAlpha magnetic angular position sensor technology enables servo motor solutions that have high efficiency and high torque over the full range of motor speeds. A software GUI provides the tools to develop, parameterize and control the motor though an RS485 interface. The final motor solution can be controlled for speed or position using either commands sent over an RS485 interface, or  via a simpler PULSE/DIR input.