Digital, Multi-Phase PWM Controller with PMBus and PWM-VID

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Product Description

The MP2888A is a digital, multi-phase, pulse-width modulation (PWM) controller with digital PWM-VID interface compatible with NVIDIA’s Open VReg specification. The MP2888A can work with MPS’s Intelli-Phase products to complete the multi-phase voltage regulator (VR) solution with minimal external components. The MP2888A can be configured with up to 10-phase operation.

The MP2888A provides an on-chip EEPROM to store and restore device configurations. Device configurations and fault parameters can be easily programmed or monitored via the PMBus/I2C interface. The MP2888A can monitor and report the output current through the CS output from the Intelli-Phase products.

The MP2888A is based on a unique, digital, multi-phase, non-linear control and provides fast transient response to the load transient with minimal output capacitors. With only one power-loop control method for both steady state and load transient, the power loop compensation is very easy to configure.

The MP2888A is available in a QFN-40 (5mmx5mm) package.

Product Features

  • Programmable Multi-Phase up to 10 Phases
  • PWM-VID Interface Compatible with NVIDIA Open VReg Specification
  • PMBus/I2C Compliant (1MHz Bus Speed)
  • Pin Programmable for PMBus Address
  • Built-In EEPROM to Store Custom Configurations
  • Switching Frequency Range 200kHz to 5MHz
  • Automatic Loop Compensation
  • Fewer External Components than  Conventional Analog Controller
  • Best Transient Performance with Non-Linear Digital Control
  • Flexible Phase Assignment
  • Auto-Phase Shedding to Improve Overall Efficiency
  • Phase-to-Phase Active Current Balancing with Programmable Offsets for Thermal Balance
  • Output Voltage/Current, Input Voltage/ Power Monitoring
  • Regulator Temperature Monitoring
  • VIN UVLO, Output OVP/UVP, OCP, OTP with No Action, Latch, Retry, or Hiccup Mode Options
  • Detecting for Intelli-Phase MOSFET Fault Type and Auto-Record to EEPROM
  • Register Map Password Lock
  • Digital Load-Line Regulation
  • Available in an RoHS Compliant QFN-40 (5mmx5mm) Package

MP2888A Receives 2018 World Electronics Achievement Award “Power Management/Voltage Converter of the Year”


  • SSInternal
  • Special FeaturesNVIDIA Open Vreg
  • GradeCatalog
  • PackageQFN-40 (5x5)
  • VCC (max) (V)3.6
  • fsw (max) (kHz)5000
  • Ishutdown (typ) (mA)0.15
  • Regulated Outputs10
  • VCC (min) (V)3
  • Iq (typ) (mA)30
  • fsw (min) (kHz)200