2x1.5A Boost WLED Camera Flash Driver



2x1.5A Boost WLED Camera Flash Driver

MP3332 continues to be in production for existing customers. Please consider this alternative for new designs:





Dual-Channel, Flash LED Driver with 2A/Ch and I2C Interface

Features & Benefits

  • 2.7V~5.5V Input Voltage
  • 1/2/3/4MHz Selectable MaxFsw
  • Fsw Fold-Back Function
  • 400kHz I2C Compatible Interface
  • Standby/Flash/Assist/Indicator/5V DC Modes

Flash Mode

  • Up to 2A/Ch Programmable Current with ±7% Accuracy for Each LED, 7.84mA/Step

Assist Mode

  • Up to 319mA/Ch Programmable Current with ±7% Accuracy for Each LED, 1.25mA/Step

Indicator Mode

  • Works in 31.5kHz PWM Dimming Mode with 2/16, 3/16, 4/16, 5/16 Duty Cycles
  • Used for Blinking and 128/256/512ms Selectable Blinking Time

5V DC Mode

  • Output Constant 5V DC Voltage
  • Separated EN1 Pin for NFC Application
  • 1A to 5.5A Programmable Input DC Current Limit Protection
  • External Strobe/TX Pin
  • VIN to VOUT Disconnection Function
  • Low-Battery Voltage Protection
  • LED Short/Open Protection
  • VOUT-GND Short Protection
  • Over-Voltage Protection (OVP)
  • Over-Temperature Protection (OTP)
  • Input Under-Voltage Lockout (UVLO) Protection
  • WLCSP-20 (1.6mmx2.0mm) Package

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Active Part Numbers:

MP3332GC-P MP3332GC-Z

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