Inductorless 2x15W Stereo BTL Fix Frequency Class D Audio Amplifier Evaluation Board

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Product Description

The EV7752-F-00A is the evaluation board for the MP7752, a 15W stereo BTL Fix Freuquency Inductorless Class D Audio Amplifier. It is one of MPS’ products of fully integrated audio amplifiers which dramatically reduce solution size by integrating the following:

  • 240mΩ power MOSFETs
  • Startup / Shutdown pop elimination
  • Short circuit protection circuits
  • Advanced EMI performance
  • Inductorless topology

The MP7752 utilizes Bridge Tied Load output structure capable of delivering stereo 15W into 8Ω speakers. It features in automatic shutdown function which can save power in battery-used system. The PLIMIT function is useful for limiting total output power by simply adjust a DC reference voltage at PLIMIT pin. MPS Class D Audio Amplifiers exhibit the high fidelity of a Class A/B amplifier at high efficiency.

Product Features

  • 15W Stereo BTL Output at VDD = 16V into 8Ω loads
  • 9.5W Stereo BTL Output at VDD = 12V into  8Ω loads
  • 90% Efficiency at 9.5W x 2 and VDD=12V with 8Ω load, Stereo
  • Low Noise (115μV Typical)
  • 5V to 18V Operation from a Single Supply


5V to 18VDD, 2x 15W, Fixed-Frequency, Filterless Stereo BTL Class-D Audio Amplifier

The MP7752 is an analog input, inductorless Class-D audio amplifier that can drive stereo speakers in a bridge-tied-load configuration. It is one of MPS’s suite of fully integrated audio amplifiers, which dramatically reduce solution size by integrating the following:

  • 240mΩ power MOSFETs
  • Start-up / Shutdown pop elimination
  • Short-circuit protection circuits
  • Advanced EMI performance 
  • Inductorless while passing EMC tests

The MP7752 utilizes a stereo BTL structure capable of delivering 15W per channel into 8Ω speakers at a 16V power supply. MPS Class-D audio amplifiers exhibit the high fidelity of a Class-AB amplifier at high efficiencies. 

The MP7752 includes an internal circuit that allows the system automatically shut down when no audio signal is detected. This feature is ideal for energy-saving products and battery-operated applications. 

It also has an adjustable power limit function. The PLIMIT circuit sets a limit on the output peak-to-peak voltage. This is accomplished by limiting the duty cycle to a fixed maximum value. This limit can be thought of as a virtual voltage rail, which is lower than the supply connected to PVCC. The MP7752 is available in a TSSOP-28EP package.

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