5V to 60V, H-Bridge Gate Driver Evaluation Board

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Product Description

The EV6528-R-00A is an evaluation board for the MP6528GR, an H-bridge gate driver. The EV6528-R-00A operates from a supply voltage of up to 60V. It is configured to drive two half-bridges consisting of four N-channel power MOSFETs. The driving control signals are generated by the external controller, such
as MCU, FPGA, etc.

Product Features

  • Wide 5V to 60V Input Voltage Range
  • Programmable OCP Threshold
  • Support 100% Duty Cycle Operation
  • OCP, OTP
  • Fault Indication Output


5V to 60V, H-Bridge Gate Driver

The MP6528 is a gate driver IC designed for H-bridge driver applications; it is capable of driving two half-bridges consisting of four N-channel power MOSFETs up to 60V. The MP6528 uses a bootstrap capacitor to generate a supply voltage for the high-side MOSFET driver. An internal trickle-charge circuit maintains a sufficient gate-driver voltage at 100% duty cycle. Full protection features include programmable over-current protection (OCP), adjustable dead-time control, under-voltage lockout (UVLO), and thermal shutdown. The MP6528 is available in a QFN-28 (4mmx4mm) package with an exposed thermal pad.

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