2.7V-5.5V Input Dual-Ch LCD Bias Power Supply Evaluation Board
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Product Description

The EV5610-QG-00A is an evaluation board for the MP5610. The MP5610 is a dual-output converter for small size LCD panel bias supply.

With the 2.7V-5V input voltage, the EV5610-QG-00A can provide +/-5.4V output voltage with 40mA current capability for LCD. The voltage tracking between positive and negative output is good under variable load condition.

The variety protections are including in EV5610-QG-00A. Output OVP, Output UVP, Input DC Current Limit, Cycle-by-Cycle Current Limit and OTP.

Product Features

  • 2.7V-to-5.5V Input Voltage
  • Max. 50mA Output Current for Each Output
  • Up to Programmable 5.8V Output Voltage
  • 0.5% Line Regulation for Step-up Converter
  • 0.5% Load Regulation for Step-up Converter
  • 1% Voltage Tracking Between Dual-ch
  • 600mV Feedback Voltage with ±1% Accuracy
  • 270us Soft Start Time
  • Input DC Current Limit Protection
  • Output Over Voltage Protection
  • Output Under Voltage Protection
  • Input UVLO Protection
  • Over Temperature Protection
  • Available in a QFN-10 (1.4mm×1.8mm) Package


2.7V-5.5Vin, 1.2MHz, Dual Channel LCD Bias Supply for Smart Phone and Tablet

The MP5610 is a dual-output converter with 2.7V-to-5.5V input for small size LCD panel bias supply. It uses peak-current mode to regulate the positive output voltage and uses a negative charge pump to provide negative output voltage. The MP5610 has very good efficiency performance because the negative charge pump draws power directly from the positive converter switching node which can save power loss much. Also, MP5610 provides good voltage tracking between positive and negative output by well matching the internal MOSFET on resistance value. The fully integrated synchronous rectification increases total efficiency and reduces PCB space requirements. 
The MP5610 features as programmable output, fixed 1.2MHz switching frequency and rich protection modes, like input-output disconnection protection, cycle-by-cycle current limit protection, thermal shutdown protection, Output over voltage protection and Output under voltage protection. 
The MP5610 is available in tiny QFN-10 (1.4mmx1.8mm) package.

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